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Endgame Talents

My hunter recently started endgame raiding, and I'm strongly considering a respec. I was 31/20/0 for leveling, all about the powerful pet. I'm still planning on doing a significant amount of soloing with this hunter (she's going for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount), but hunters are powerful soloers, so I don't have much fear about giving up Beast Mastery for that.

I'm considering a 5/33/13 build. I suppose that third point in Humanoid Slaying could go to finish Improved Arcane Shot, but... Meh. I have very little experience with endgame - does this look like a practical build? I'm enjoying watching IAotH proc, so I'd like to keep that, unless there's something hugely more practical. There's been a lot of talk of Entrapment being desired/useful for many of the boss fights. I almost never even have my pet out, while raiding with them, so any bonuses to the pet would be worthless. The guild has MC on farm status, and had BWL on farm status before we lost some good people to a server transfer. It looks like we're close to BWL being back to farm. Any advice about this build would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a level 42 hunter who I'm really enjoying (she has engineering, the 60 doesn't). I created her to play with a different spec from the first, and so she was Marksman while my first was Beast Mastery. Now that the 60 is going Marks, I'd like to respec this character, as well. Survival is the one hunter tree I haven't experienced, so I figure that would be her focus. However, many of the talents look... bleh to me. I PvE, exclusively, and almost always solo. I rarely use traps and I'm almost never in melee for more than just a swing of Disengage. I'd put the first 5 points into the two Slaying talents and then... I guess I get entrapment and start using traps? It's not that I don't like traps, I just never think of them, so I suppose I should work on changing my playstyle with her. And if I'm going to start using traps, Clever Traps makes sense. Following this general train of thought, I end up with something like 2/0/31, at her current level of 42.

A note: While at work, I can't reach a number of sites. If you're posting a talent example, I'd appreciate it if you'd use wowhead.com, so I could view it quickly. If you'd rather use the official site or thott/wowvault/etc., I'll have to wait until I get home to see the spec. :)
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