muddgutts (muddgutts) wrote in thebeastmasters,

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Hunter Macro problems

So i have been trying to get my FD+FT macro to work with no luck.
I've tried several versions of this famed macro and none have worked for me yet.

Most of the time the FD will happen and no trap even after massing the key into the ground. Or I get cant do it due to being in combat?? O.o

So I'm confused and need a little help here.

Can some of you hunters post your working macro, and if i need to do anything special with setup for it?

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Not too wise about macros, but have feigned and trap set a fair bit just using the buttons on my command bar... one thing I sometimes forget, is if my pet is ripping the enemy apart I'm considered in-combat still. This might be your problem.
ahh this may be the problem. thank you :)