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Does anyone else get discouraged sometimes, tooling around endgame?

There are just ~so~ many hunters, guilds rarely recruit you, even if you're good. ( Well, people tell me I am, I don't know o.o ) and the constantly fighting "All hunters are greedy bastards" sterotypes. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the effort. I ~love~ my hunter, it is easily my favorite class ever and I could never delete Zelly... But I've considered retiring her so many times and just rolling a priest or some other healer so I can stop feeling like a 5th (or, er, 35th) wheel =/

That being said; Is/has Anyone else here toyed with a tri-tree spec endgame for PvE raiding? Actually I guess it's more of a "BM and other shit" build. Heh. i.e. My Current Build.

I've been thinking of dropping Imp. Conc for the mana-efficency talent, but I rarely find myself low on mana. I also focus HEAVILY on agi. Always have.. my unbuffed total is 421 and I could knock it up to 424 if I could find someone with the +3 agi to cloak enchant.

I hear LR or TS builds are a more popular choice for endgame..but hunter is basicly the only class where a guild has never cared enough to even ask me my spec, heh. Thoughts?
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