No Xtink is Xtink. (goingferal) wrote in thebeastmasters,
No Xtink is Xtink.


Seldom, lvl 35, Orc, Perenolde

This place is TOO quiet! So I thought I'd contribute an intro. I have a 60 tauren warrior and a 60 tauren druid on Perenolde. I had long resisted making a hunter, but I did... and I fell in love with the class. My hunter is a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to getting her to 60 and doing MC etc with her. I have to say, this is definitely the EASIEST class I've levelled--and as much fun as the feral druid. :)

Right now, she's specced about 25 points into BM, and I plan on staying BM/M until 60, then respeccing for raiding.

I started out with a bear pet, but found him tooooo slow, so now I have Humar, who's been really awesome. I'm debating whether to pick up Broken Tooth from the Badlands--think it's worth it?
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