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just a girl

1.10 pet skills?

any word on what the new pet skills will be in 1.10? I'm hoping for something for hyenas.
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Me want transparent kodo! WOOHOO!
I'd like to see something for bears. :)
that too. I'm really surprised they haven't implemented something for bears yet. I guess trying to get more people to use gorillas and turtles as tanks?

I haven't tried out the new gorilla skill, but I understand the turtle shell shock is pretty... lame.
My NE hunter tamed a gorilla specifically for that skill. She'll occasionally run friends through instances, and an AoE damage on the pet just might be enough to help it hold aggro against healing when doing those runs.

I've had the gorilla for 5 levels (tamed it at 55, both I and the gorilla are now at 60). I've found that the gorilla's AoE will hold aggro on a non-primary target against a multishot from me. My damage is pretty pathetic right now, but still, that suggests the attack should hold aggro against a good deal of healing, and that's exactly why I wanted it. I have yet to ringer friends through instances with the gorilla, but I suspect it will be much better than my cat, for that.
so would you have a gorilla or a bear as an off-tank (what I normally use it for in instances)?

I've spent most of my bear's TP on armor, with the rest on stamina. he holds aggro pretty well, but in places like BRD with all the dogs my healer is still getting hit once or twice before he can pull them off.
How good at you at guessing range? The risk of Thunderstomp is that crowd control is broken. I figure that's not likely to be a problem when I'm ringering someone, but on a "normal" instance run, I'd be worried about it. Carefully positioning the pet to be away from CC is a bit harder than positioning yourself, and you'd have to be pretty sure the pet was 8+ yards away from anything in a CC that breaks with damage (which is pretty much all of them, is it not?).

What I would love to see for bears is something that would work as an AoE taunt without breaking CC.
ah. good point. no, that wouldn't work since our group's MO is to lay a frost trap for the healer, have our rogue sap one mob, put the bear on a 2nd and have the warrior charge the 3rd with any fire guys being banished by the warlock.

I seriously doubt I could get the healer far enough away for the gorilla to protect her but not breaking the sap, while keeping her close enough to the warrior to keep her healed.

as you say, hopefully they'll give the bear some sort of taunt.
I'm actually hoping that hyenas get something that isn't very good. I like the hyena, I like being one of few people with a hyena, and I'm fine without a special ability.

I just don't want them to become the flavor of the patch and the next day just be one of those people with the same pet as everyone else. >_>
I seriously doubt the hyena is ever going to become a popular pet. the diet restrictions and the popularity of bears and cats will always be factors.
I'm just a little jaded after several things I've previously enjoyed have been in some way revamped or improved and subsequently became overly popular. I prefer to maintain some delusion of individuality.

What kind of ability would you like to see for hyenas?


February 27 2006, 21:03:39 UTC 10 years ago

personally i dont get why bears are so great turtles make better tanks and hit just as hard...and worgs are just better all around...but i don't know, that's my opinion...and i love my worg to death XD
Bears are high health pets, while turtles are high armor pets. High armor helps against physical attacks, while high health helps against both physical and magical attacks. Because of this, and bears' greater flexibility in food, bears tend to be considered better tanking pets.
I'm really hoping for something special for raptors. I tamed Takk at level 19, and have brought him all the way to 41 so far
Ooo... I might finally bring my scarlet tracking hound out of retirement if they finally got something other than bite!

Maybe a small bleed effect... :)