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Solo-ing [17 Aug 2006|02:24am]

[ mood | curious ]

Right. I want to get my hands on a Bloodaxe Worg from Blackrock Spire. I've seen the guide on Petopia, but I was wondering what gear fellow hunters suggest for such a daring solo run?

Here's my hunter for you to check out his current gear. Any and all positive advice is welcome.

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looking for a Jump shot mod. [08 May 2006|01:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a Jump Shot mod to use with my Hunter for kiting. You see my wrist was hurt in the past and I'm having trouble getting that timing down to do a normal jumpshot.

I used to have this mod: Simple Jump Shot which was a god-send. But after 1.10 it no longer works and the author is MIA.

So I'm kind of in a pickle. Does anyone know of any good mods that work, or an advanced macro to assist in Kiting?

thanks for the help.

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Endgame Talents [20 Apr 2006|09:54am]

My hunter recently started endgame raiding, and I'm strongly considering a respec. I was 31/20/0 for leveling, all about the powerful pet. I'm still planning on doing a significant amount of soloing with this hunter (she's going for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount), but hunters are powerful soloers, so I don't have much fear about giving up Beast Mastery for that.

I'm considering a 5/33/13 build. I suppose that third point in Humanoid Slaying could go to finish Improved Arcane Shot, but... Meh. I have very little experience with endgame - does this look like a practical build? I'm enjoying watching IAotH proc, so I'd like to keep that, unless there's something hugely more practical. There's been a lot of talk of Entrapment being desired/useful for many of the boss fights. I almost never even have my pet out, while raiding with them, so any bonuses to the pet would be worthless. The guild has MC on farm status, and had BWL on farm status before we lost some good people to a server transfer. It looks like we're close to BWL being back to farm. Any advice about this build would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a level 42 hunter who I'm really enjoying (she has engineering, the 60 doesn't). I created her to play with a different spec from the first, and so she was Marksman while my first was Beast Mastery. Now that the 60 is going Marks, I'd like to respec this character, as well. Survival is the one hunter tree I haven't experienced, so I figure that would be her focus. However, many of the talents look... bleh to me. I PvE, exclusively, and almost always solo. I rarely use traps and I'm almost never in melee for more than just a swing of Disengage. I'd put the first 5 points into the two Slaying talents and then... I guess I get entrapment and start using traps? It's not that I don't like traps, I just never think of them, so I suppose I should work on changing my playstyle with her. And if I'm going to start using traps, Clever Traps makes sense. Following this general train of thought, I end up with something like 2/0/31, at her current level of 42.

A note: While at work, I can't reach a number of sites. If you're posting a talent example, I'd appreciate it if you'd use wowhead.com, so I could view it quickly. If you'd rather use the official site or thott/wowvault/etc., I'll have to wait until I get home to see the spec. :)
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[05 Mar 2006|09:26am]

[ mood | creative ]

So this thread has appeared on the EU hunter class forum

Wow! Just abit of hunter love. The whole thing about rifles has me excited (Tauren hunter you see) Likewise the possiblity of more hunter quests has me smiling.
Speaking of which, I had an idea for one such quest, but at the mo I can't login to the EU forums, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

It would be a more advanced reversion of the 'wanted' poster quests that exsist already. Any major settlement in a zone would have one such poster, flavor text to explain why this beast is menacing the area, and you'd have to track it down and slay it. The difficulty of the beast would be same as or slightly higher than the reccomended level for the area your hunting it down in. They'd have odd respawn times, respawn in different places within the zone and weird patrol patterns. Plus they'd have naff loot tables to prevent them being hunted down by other classes.

So far so dull. What makes this different from a host of similar quests already in the game I hear you ask? A few thing that I hope would spice it up abit.

Firstly the NPC's that hand the quest out or you have to visit to cash it in would be neutral. Thus any hunter could do them. The beasts themselves would either have really exciting looking graphics to make them stand out, greatly improved stats to that of beasts of their type, new skills only they know or all of the above. Plus whenever you complete one of these quests, you receive some sort of mark/badge to show you helped an area out. Each area would give you one of these marks/badges (they'd be identical and stack) meaning higher areas would only hand out their quest to slay a beast to a 'great' hunter who's proven themselves. ( Please note, I DO NOT want this idea to be thought of as grinding for rep. Dear Lord I hate doing that...)
One final idea to tag on would be that all of these new quest beasts would only be tamable after you've completed their personnal quest. A true sign that you as a hunter rock.

It's just and idea... maybe its lacking something. Maybe its not 'enough' to stand out as anything special. I just want to share my idea with others that would hopefully find it interesting.

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drat it, where's the bear love? [03 Mar 2006|02:09pm]

all we get in 1.10 is a higher level charge and a change to shell shock?

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1.10 pet skills? [27 Feb 2006|10:33am]

any word on what the new pet skills will be in 1.10? I'm hoping for something for hyenas.
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Argent Dawn [27 Feb 2006|08:11am]

I'm posting here because for some reason I can't post in the main worldofwarcraft LJ group.... bah

Anyway, last night i ding'd revered with Argent Dawn, all thanks to slaying Rattlegore in Scholo. I'd heard that once you hit exalted with AD you can turn in a load of the marks of honor they hand out for scourgestones for some extra armor peice(a set of shoulders or a cape that you CAN'T craft). Is this true? Yeah i know that I'm miles away from exalted, but I've still all got the quest to do in Scholo/Strat. Anyone?
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Hunter Macro problems [22 Feb 2006|12:28pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So i have been trying to get my FD+FT macro to work with no luck.
I've tried several versions of this famed macro and none have worked for me yet.

Most of the time the FD will happen and no trap even after massing the key into the ground. Or I get cant do it due to being in combat?? O.o

So I'm confused and need a little help here.

Can some of you hunters post your working macro, and if i need to do anything special with setup for it?


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Range weapons [19 Feb 2006|09:38am]

Right, after some advice off fellow hunters regarding range weapons...
At the moment I'm armed with Bloodseeker I've heard its one of the most balanced ranged weapons for DPS an so on, if thats true, cool, but if not is there any weapon thats better? (outside of MC/Onxyia etc)
I've got 300 in bows, crossbows and guns, and I'm an engineer at 300 too. Any advice is welcome.
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Discouraged [11 Feb 2006|12:33am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Does anyone else get discouraged sometimes, tooling around endgame?

There are just ~so~ many hunters, guilds rarely recruit you, even if you're good. ( Well, people tell me I am, I don't know o.o ) and the constantly fighting "All hunters are greedy bastards" sterotypes. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the effort. I ~love~ my hunter, it is easily my favorite class ever and I could never delete Zelly... But I've considered retiring her so many times and just rolling a priest or some other healer so I can stop feeling like a 5th (or, er, 35th) wheel =/

That being said; Is/has Anyone else here toyed with a tri-tree spec endgame for PvE raiding? Actually I guess it's more of a "BM and other shit" build. Heh. i.e. My Current Build.

I've been thinking of dropping Imp. Conc for the mana-efficency talent, but I rarely find myself low on mana. I also focus HEAVILY on agi. Always have.. my unbuffed total is 421 and I could knock it up to 424 if I could find someone with the +3 agi to cloak enchant.

I hear LR or TS builds are a more popular choice for endgame..but hunter is basicly the only class where a guild has never cared enough to even ask me my spec, heh. Thoughts?

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Humar the Pridelord... [10 Feb 2006|04:52pm]

Okay. I'm a level 60 Tauren hunter and back in my mid-20's I tamed Humar, and I've still got him. Really think I should respec what Humar knows now he's 60.
Currently he's got:
Bite rank 6
Claw rank 7
Dash rank 2
Greater Stamina rank 7
Growl rank 7
Natural Armor rank 9

..plus he's backed up by three ranks in Thick Hide, Bestial Swiftness and five ranks in Unleashed Fury. (I'm Marksmen specced)
As I mainly PvE (with abit of Alterac Valley for PvP) what would other hunters suggest I teach him instead?
Any and all advice welcome.
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Intro [09 Feb 2006|10:31am]

Seldom, lvl 35, Orc, Perenolde

This place is TOO quiet! So I thought I'd contribute an intro. I have a 60 tauren warrior and a 60 tauren druid on Perenolde. I had long resisted making a hunter, but I did... and I fell in love with the class. My hunter is a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to getting her to 60 and doing MC etc with her. I have to say, this is definitely the EASIEST class I've levelled--and as much fun as the feral druid. :)

Right now, she's specced about 25 points into BM, and I plan on staying BM/M until 60, then respeccing for raiding.

I started out with a bear pet, but found him tooooo slow, so now I have Humar, who's been really awesome. I'm debating whether to pick up Broken Tooth from the Badlands--think it's worth it?
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Welcome! [02 Feb 2006|10:13pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello and welcome to the new WoW Hunter Community.

Feel free to talk about anything you want here as long as it relates to hunters.

You can post screenshots too, just make sure they're behind an LJ cut if they're big.

Hope to see this grow into a large community to help and talk to fellow hunters.

Anubos, Orc Hunter - 60, Kilrogg

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